Tax Credits

Tax Credits 

Home Improvements can increases your comfort, lower your energy costs, add value to your home, and in the case of Geothermal systems, help the environment. There can also be tax benefits! Let Clark Heating & Cooling, Inc. show you how. 

Tax Benefits for GeoExchange Systems

There is a federal personal tax credit of 30%, with no upper limit, given for geothermal heat pumps used in residential applications. Geothermal heat pumps must meet Energy Star criteria. The tax credit will expire 12/31/2016. For more information about the tax credit, visit the Energy Star website at

Interested in learning more about GeoThermal Systems? Click here to learn more. 
Call Clark Heating & Cooling at (513)831-3443 to discuss finding the right qualified equipment that meets your budget. We can show you how much energy (and money) you could save over the long term.
Note: Every taxpayer’s situation is different. We can’t guarantee eligibility for the tax credits. But we can help you figure out what equipment qualifies and how it can work for your comfort, health, and pocketbook.

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